Here’s Why Using Your Phone Before Bedtime Can Harm You!

If you have been using your phone constantly at night before bedtime, you have to read this! Parents, please do not let your children use their phones just before they sleep!

Long before humans had artificial lighting, we were met with darkness once the sun sets. Today, we are surrounded with artificial light emitting devices. It is perfectly normal according to social norms to watch television, movies and use the computer just before we sleep. However, that is extremely detrimental to our health in many ways.

What is Blue Light?



Here’s where blue light comes into the conversation. Blue light is also known as high-energy visible light (HEV light), a high-frequency, high-energy light. Our smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions all emit high levels of blue light. Although smartphones produce significantly lesser than larger devices like the television, but we spend more time staring at the smartphone and at a closer proximity while we’re at it. Well, blue light is detrimental to our health if exposed at night, so here are some of the health implications that blue light causes!

Health Implications:

1. Age Related Loss of Vision


Blue light has been well known for its implications as a cause of age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of permanent loss of vision at old age. Blue light causes damage to the macula, a small spot near the center of the retina and the part of the eye needed for sharp, central vision, which lets us see objects that are straight ahead. Blurred spots that grows in size may occur in the line of sight, and objects may not seem as bright as they are.

2. Disrupt Your Sleep Cycle



The human body has its own body clock, known as the circadian rhythm. It is a rough estimate of a 24 hour cycle, similar to the concept of time created by man. That being said, humans if exposed to light at night, have their circadian rhythms thrown off course! This causes poorer sleep quality.
Blue light is known to suppress the secretion of melatonin for twice as long as normal light, causing a larger shift in a person’s circadian rhythm, devastating the quality of sleep.
Researchers from Harvard put participants to the test to see the effects of blue light on the ability to sleep and wake. Participants who used a light-emitting device before bed took a much longer time to fall asleep, had less deep sleep, and also found it much tougher to wake up after an 8 hour sleep.

3. Diabetes & Obesity



The circadian rhythm not only mandates your sleep cycles, but also has an impact on our internal organs and their functions.
People exposed to high amounts of blue light at night typically have increased blood sugar levels, hence entering a prediabetic state. Also, leptin levels in their body decreases, a hormone that lets people feel full after a meal, therefore imposing no restrictions during the meal intake as they take a longer time to feel full when they actually have eaten more than enough!

4. Cancer



Melatonin also serves our body as an antioxidant, protecting against cancer causing free-radicals roaming in our body. A research done in 2009 found that reduced amount of melatonin could lead to higher risks of breast and prostate cancer.

Recommended Remedies:

With such depressing effects on our health, what are some ways to cope with blue light in our lives?

1. Switch to Dim, Red Lights


Using dimmer red lights at night could go a long way, as it has lesser power to shift the circadian rhythm in us as compared to fluorescent lightbulbs and LED lights that produce much more blue light.

2. Avoid Smartphone & Computer Usage


Especially right before bedtime! Try to have a window of 2-3 hours before sleep, where your eyes are not focused on these devices that produces high levels of blue light. You could try to read a book instead!

3. Download Filter Programs



A quick search on Google or the App store will give you a few options to choose from. These filters block out short-wavelength light (blue light) in the evening, saving your eyes and health.

Dailyfit-Health Team
Staying Committed to Your Health & Fitness


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