Your ‘ABCD’ Guide to a Slim & Healthy Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and its time where many of us let loose and begin feasting to our hearts’ content. Did you know that according to a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine, an Australian gains on average ~1.5kg over the Christmas period? So if you’re looking to avoid making meaningless New Year’s resolutions involving your weight in 2016, here’s … Continue reading Your ‘ABCD’ Guide to a Slim & Healthy Christmas

Here’s Why Using Your Phone Before Bedtime Can Harm You!

If you have been using your phone constantly at night before bedtime, you have to read this! Parents, please do not let your children use their phones just before they sleep! Long before humans had artificial lighting, we were met with darkness once the sun sets. Today, we are surrounded with artificial light emitting devices. It is perfectly normal according to social norms to watch television, movies and use the computer just before we sleep. However, that … Continue reading Here’s Why Using Your Phone Before Bedtime Can Harm You!

Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain With These Tips.

The reason why you are reading this is likely because you are suffering from a lower back pain / ache of some sort. Do not worry, you are not alone, 80% of adults will experience some form of lower back pain in their lives. While this article will not be sufficient to serve as a proper diagnosis, it could possibly shed some light on what you … Continue reading Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain With These Tips.

Unique Races in Singapore You Shouldn’t Miss! (Oct-Dec 2015)

It doesn’t matter if you’re here to seek a challenge, or just simply looking to have an awesome time with friends and family. These unique and novel running races promises fun, excitement and challenge. So lets cut to the chase and unravel a list of 8 fun and unique races held in Singapore from October – December 2015! Bounce Off 2015 Date: 3 October 2015 Venue: Sentosa Say hello to Asia’s largest inflatable race! Yes … Continue reading Unique Races in Singapore You Shouldn’t Miss! (Oct-Dec 2015)

Where to Cycle in Singapore? – “Cycle by the Bay”

Looking to cycle here in Singapore? Thinking of cycling and exploring the city area? Well look no further. We present, the local’s guide to “Cycling by the Bay”. What better way to explore Singapore’s beautiful city scape, than to cycle around the bay area of this fine city? This route is relatively safe, with routes consisting of park connectors and pavements, minimal road cycling involved. … Continue reading Where to Cycle in Singapore? – “Cycle by the Bay”

Benefits of a Training Buddy!

Humans are never solitary creatures. As introverted as a person may be, one still yearns company of a certain level. This theory applies directly to our fitness pursuits as well! Here’s why having a training buddy will do you wonders. 1. Accountability Ever had one of those days when you fell victim to a weak mind and lazy temptations? Yes, we either skip the session … Continue reading Benefits of a Training Buddy!

5 Facts About Almonds

If you don’t already know, almonds are really great for us. Especially when we are pursuing a healthy and fit lifestyle. Here’s a quick introduction on almonds right before I tell you how amazing these nuts are! Almonds are native to the Middle East and South Asia. The fruit itself measures about 3.5 – 6cm long! You must be wondering, why are the almonds you … Continue reading 5 Facts About Almonds

The Benefits of Sweating

Sweating? That’s pretty much a given in our hot and humid weather here at SG. But sweating from exercise, that’s what we’re referring to here. Ever wondered what benefits sweating entails? Look no further. Here are a few facts that will help you view sweat positively! 1. Natural Painkillers Sweat is your #1 all natural “Panadol” (Singapore’s favourite painkiller).  When we exercise, our brains are … Continue reading The Benefits of Sweating